Minting and Gold Bar Making

TIP furnaces are designed to manufacture any size of ingots, from 100 g to kilo-bar either in gold or silver. Ingots are obtained by melting pre-weighted grains in a graphite mould placed inside the vacuum chamber and then by cooling appropriately the ingot during the solidification phase.

The machine is fully automatic having more than 100 programs for different ingot sizes. The operator only has to load the graphite mould with pre-weighted grains into the holding disk, close the loading chamber and press the START button to launch the automatic cycle. At the end of the cycle the furnace will return the gold or silver bar ready for the market stamp.

In order to increase productivity, the system has been conceived with 2 loading chambers and one melting chamber. This configuration allows for melting the next ingot while the previous one is cooling. This overlapped working mode is also important to decrease the running cost of the process because they are mainly related to the graphite mould consumption. A colder graphite mould in output increases the life of the same.

The heart of the machine is the induction generator and its coil, designed to maximize the heat transfer during the cycle. After loading the graphite mould, a pneumatic jack will lift the part up perfectly into the center of the magnetic field and the melting step will begin.

All melting and cooling process occur in a closed chamber in which vacuum and inert gases guarantee no metal or graphite oxidation. Gas can be chosen between Argon or Nitrogen.


Technical Data   Provided    Available on Request

  TIP12 TIP40 TIP100
Application Gold and Silver Ingots Gold and Silver Ingots Gold and Silver Ingots
Number of melting programs 100 100 100
Max ingot weight 500g Silver
1000g Gold
500g Silver
1000g Gold
400 oz Gold
Max ingot footprint 115,5 x 52,5 mm 115,5 x 52,5 mm 200 x 80 x 45 mm
Productivity 10 kilo-bars 24kt gold per hour or 25 x 100g ingots per hour 25 kilo-bars 24kt gold per hour or 100 x 100g ingots per hour 6 x 400 oz Gold ingot per hour 
Induction power 12 kW 40 kW 100 kW
Vacuum pump Built-in 25 m3/h Built-in 25 m3/h Built-in 100 m3/h
Gas consumption 20 liter / cycle 20 liter / cycle 40 liter / cycle
Max. temperature 1600 °C 1600 °C 1350 °C
Autotest with data report
Monitoring system for data acquisition
Mold check before melting
Vacuum leakage detector
RS232/Ethernet interfaces
Other features It is possible to produce 4 small bars of 150 grams Au at the same time by using a different mould design

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