TVCs are fully automatic, robust, easy to use pressure over vacuum casting machines designed for small and medium casting laboratories.

This family of machines work with the well known pressure over vacuum concept, thus preferring the perforated flask against the solid ones. Melting is achieved in protective atmosphere (Nitrogen, Argon or Helium) while a strong vacuum pump is provided in order to boost the suction effect into the mould. As soon as the metal has entered the mould a strong compression takes place on top of the tree to reduce shrinkage porosity.

Flask size can reach up to 300mm in height and 160mm in diameter. Crucible graphite consumption is greatly reduced thanks to the gaswash procedure which removes the oxygen in few seconds from the charge loading operation. The machine is fully automatic making the operator’s job very easy (you simply have to load the alloy and flask and then press the START button). This will give you the most consistent result flask to flask.

And remember, meanwhile the machine is running the cycle, you can do other important jobs in your factory. Having a consistent, robust and easy to use machine in your factory is the key factor for a reliable casting production.

Technology & Features

Gas Wash Procedure

  • Crucible loading operation introduces oxygen
  • The Gas Wash Purge procedure removes the oxygen (1) in a very fast and efficient way and then refills back the chambers with Argon or Helium gas (2)
  • Compared with the traditional crucible protection with flow-meter regulation the consumption of gas is dramatically reduced and the alloys oxidation is minimized
  • Moreover the crucible life is increased: TVC series crucible last up to 250 – 400 casting cycles according to the graphite quality


  • Advanced Self Tuning thermoregulation (ASTTM) with exact temperature control of the melted alloys
  • Medium frequency induction heating stirs the melted alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity
  • Pulse Stirring Management (PSMTM) for an extremely low frequency stirring

Injection and Compression

  • When the stopper opens, as soon as the molten metal fills the flask, a trigger is launched to the over pressure valve which will make the gas flow enter smoothly and quickly to compress the tree during the solidification phase to reduce shrinkage porosity.

Tree protection after casting

  • After the solidification phase, the flask cools down in a protective atmosphere to avoid oxidation.
  • A blinking lamp will signal the operator that the cycle has ended and the flask can be removed

Technical Data   Provided    Available on Request

  TVC3s TVC4s TVC10s TVC10s - A
Application Small Labs Entry Level Model Medium Labs Brass Foundries
Number od casting programs 1 1 8 8
Working Capacity of graphite crucible 1 kg Au, 0.5 kg Ag 2 kg Au, 1 kg Ag 3 kg Au, 1.5 kg Ag 2.5 kg Brass
Flask maximum diameter(mm) Ø150 Ø150 Ø150 Ø150
FLask maximum height(mm) 280 280 280 280
Induction power 3 kW 4 kW 10 kW 10 kW
Vacuum pump External External External External
Pressure over vacuum 2 bar 2 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Max. temperature 1400 °C 1400 °C 1400 °C 1400 °C
Shot maker  
Autotest with data report
Monitoring system for data acquisition
Flask check before casting
Vacuum leakage detector
Oxygen Analyzer
RS232 remote interface
Main alloys Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu), Brass, Bronze, Aluminium (Al) and their alloys


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