EC18 Dry

Technical Data:

  • supply: 230V; 50Hz
  • power: 0,65kW
  • dimensions: 493x606x1024mm
  • weight: 76kg
  • working bowl capacity: 18l.
  • bowl diameter: 320mm
  • media capacity: walnut shells 6kg


  • mass finishing of small pieces (approx. 2-4kg of pieces at one time)
  • useful for: deburring, radiusing, degreasing, cleaning, smoothing, brightening, polishing
  • processing with ceramic, plastic, porcelain chips, stainless steel shots and walnut shells


  • processing time much faster compared to Vibratory Polishing Machines
  • toroidal movement enables very efficient targeted material erosion
  • tilted working bowl for easy unloading
  • working in wet and dry processing at the same time
  • reliability and durability-polyurethane lining of the working bowl is extremely abrasion resistant (8 times higher than steel)

Working Kit:

  • Disc Finishing Machine TE18x2 with two bowls and control panels
  • compound dosing unit
  • airflow system
  • separating unit

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